Uploading items by CSV Batch Upload

You have only a few items to add to the sale. The easiest way is to add items using our single Upload form

When you have your items already stored in a database and you can make an export CSV (Comma Separated File), email the CSV to us, and we will upload the items into your account.
After the items are uploaded, you have to add your images. You can upload several images to each lot.

To be able to upload your CSV,
- your file needs to be saved in text UTF-8 format and the cell preferably separated by a "|" or Unicode name "vertical bar" .
- The file should include the below fields. Prices in US$. You may choose sizes in Inches OR mm. 
- A sample upload sheet can be downloaded here.

 User ID  Contact us for your User ID
 Lot number  Leave empty
 Your stock number  
 Item Title  
 [sample: 1645] The year is used to arrange the items chronologically - Do not use "end of 18th century", use 1750-1780
 Samples : Uncolored, Colored, In original colors, In original Our Line colors, In original body colors, In original colors with later color addition, Printed color
 Height mm  Height in mm.  Use plate mark. When submitting in inches, leave the field blank.
 Width mm  Width n mm. Use plate mark. When submitting in inches, leave the field blank.
 or Height inches  or Height in inches 
 - Width inch  or Width in inches 
 Description  Use a "Long text field"
 Maximum selling price $
 Minimum selling price $
 Start price $
 When the "Start Price" and "Minimum Price" are 1$ the item will be sold without reserve. The "Start Price" should be lower than the "Minimum price".
See link to category table list. Use 333 if you decide to select a category in the site admin.
Only when your item fits in an additional category.
* Images have to be uploaded after the descriptions are uploaded to the consignor center ofwww.rarepapersales.com