Requirements for Established Seller

consign at buy or bid sale

Benefits of becoming an Established Seller 

  • Featured listing on our Meet our Established Sellers page, that will include your logo, a summary of your business, and a link to your website.
  • The option of having your business name disclosed to buyers of your material at the end of each sale. 
  • Business name added to the Rare Paper Sales Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Discounted seller premiums of 8% on items sold below the Buy price and 16% of of items sold at the Buy price.
  • Three featured items per sale of your choice.
  • Social media advertising priority of your listings.

Requirements to be classified as an Established Seller.

  • Own a business for a minimum of 5 years that is dedicated to the procurement and sales of authentic historical material.
  • Have an physical location where your business can meet with customers.
  • Active membership of a professional dealer organization or societies under your business name.
  • List a combined minimum value of $25,000 / sale in acceptable bids or a minimum of 40 items/sale with a combined minimum bid value of more than $15,000.
  • Seller must only list items that are still available and not already sold. Images must also match the item being offered. No images of different examples will be allowed to substitute the example being offered.
    Three violations of this rule will result in the suspension of Established Seller status.  
  • Only authentic material is allowed. If a facsimile or reprint of an original work is being offered, it must clearly state it as such in the item title and item description. 
  • Responsible shipping practices that ensure the safe arrival of organized material to Rare Paper Sales distribution locations in either the U.S. or E.U.
                   - All sold items should be identified with their respective listing id appearing on them.

                   - No shipping material in narrow, flimsy tubes. Use thick tubes or a tube packed in a box.
                   - No shipping material flat without ample reinforcement to resist bending.
                   - All shipments should be protected with a waterproof barrier (mylar, plastic bag, etc.)
                   - All shipments should be sent using UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Standard post will not suffice.

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