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Do you have quality antique maps, old master prints, or posters in your collection or stock:
Not sure who to sell to and where to go to get the best price?
Talk to us, we speak the same language !

  • Rare Paper Sales has more than 12.000 clients who are collectors, museums, and dealers worldwide constantly looking for fine-quality merchandise.
  • Our unique Buy-or-Bid system allows sellers to set their receive and anticipate received bids during the sale. 
  • Pierre Joppen has 45 years of experience in the map trade and started his first online auction more than 25 years ago. 
  • Sammy Berk has been active in the trade for 10 years, worked as an auctioneer, and has organized several physical and virtual map fairs.
  • If you are based in Europe, you can contact Ian Williams from the UK or Roland Boelen in Amsterdam, each of whom has 30 years of map cataloging experience. 
  • We can assist you in English, Dutch, German and French. Together, we have more than a century of experience in the trade of maps, prints, and rare paper.
    We speak your language.

Below are some general questions and answers or contact us now.

  • Rare Paper Sales has more than 12.000 clients who are collectors, museums, and dealers worldwide constantly looking for fine-quality merchandise.
  • As a seller, you can set a minimum accepted price below which your item will not be sold.
  • Our Buy-or-Bid system is the most flexible way sellers can anticipate on received bids, during and up to two hours after the closing.
  • We have been in the map business for 45 years and have organized online auctions for over 25 years; we have more than ten thousand clients looking for fine-quality merchandise worldwide.
  • The items do not suffer from the wear and tear of being handled by hundreds of people during viewing days.
  • You can submit the item descriptions online.
  • One click lets you re-list unsold items in the next sale.
  • If an item does not sell, there are no costs.
  • In your Seller Center you can track your received bids online.
  • You will get paid within or at least 30 days after closing a sale. Sales may be offset against acquisitions.
  • People worldwide can see a zoomable high-resolution image of each item in full color from the comfort of their homes.
  • We use image software to show our customers the finest detail even with a low internet connection.
  • We can assist you with your inquiries in English, French, German and Dutch.

The best way is to email us images and a list of items you would like to consign.
  • We will carefully study your list, give you an estimated value, and propose a reserve price.
  • Consignments can be sent to Chicago, so we will personally inspect the items, carefully research, and scan the items.
When you create a seller's account, you can add items using the submission form.
For those who already have their item descriptions stored in a database, we can likely import them from your CSV export file. [Learn more]

When you are not sure about the value of your items. We provide estimates, free of charge, from photographs sent via the Internet. Requests must be completed by completing the valuation form.
Our Archive with past listings, complete with pricing, descriptions, and images of over two decades of sold material, is a good and free way to establish valuation.

There are several ways you can include items in the sale
1. Consignments can be sent to Chicago : we will personally inspect the items, carefully research, and scan the items.
2. Submission form : You can also add items one by one using a submission form.
3. CSV - Batch upload : When you have your items stored in a database, we can upload your items using your export CSV (Comma comma-separated file). After importation, you can add images and select a category in which your item fits best. [Learn more]

The seller's commission is
  • Lot value up to $ 10,000 - 18% of the hammer price.
  • We charge 12% of the hammer price for electronically consigned items.
  • With lot value $ 10,001 up - 8% of the hammer price.
  • When a lot sells for the Buy price - 20% of the Buy price.
  • There is a minimum fee of $15.00 per lot.
  • The minimum individual lot value is $ 200.
  • The commission is only due when the lot sells.

Seller Terms
When you want to sell on you have to agree to our terms and conditions.
The seller conditions are laid out on the Seller terms page.
In the Seller Center, you find all the links to the functions to manage your items. From here you can add items, see received bids, historical sales data, and previously sold and unsold items.

On your consignor page you can follow the bidding process of your items.
  • We show the number of users who have added the item on their Watch List.
  • The number of times an item has been visited
  • The received bids
The combination of the number of visitors and the number of times the item is added to users' Watch List gives information about the popularity of your items.
If your item is popular, but has not received bids, or the bidding process has stopped, you can lower the reserve price a little bit.
  • A reserve price can be lower during the sale
  • and up to two hours after the closing of the sale
  • A seller can also accept bids between the starting price and the BidAsk Spread during and up to two hours after the sale's closing.
You can accept bids for the below-reserved price two hours after the closing. The item will then be added to the bidder's invoice. In this case, the buyer has 24 hours to refuse the item.
Your definitive sales invoice and packing list is shown in the consignor center.

When you ship items, please ship them carefully packed with the provided packing list, and lot numbers marked in pencil on the verso in the upper right corner. Remove prices and other notes.

Pay-out You are paid within 30 days after the closing of a sale, in US dollars. We can also pay you in Euro's or other currencies at a middle rate of the day of payout.
Sales are held in the second week of February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.
Please check out the sale dates here.
Digital consignments are accepted up the Sunday evening prevailing a sale.

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